Ok so let me start by saying I’ve always been an over the top makeup diva... forgetting that sometimes less is more and I don’t need full-on glam ER’day. Your videos have taught me that it’s the natural beauty within we’re trying to perceive outwardly. I’ve gone from skipping brows to brow game strong! My favorite (one of them) technique I’ve learned is how to conceal the under eye -looking like I got a whole 8hours rest- how to set my shadow crease to match my bronzer and get that effortless I woke up like this but knowing I sure didn’t! Basically... please don’t stop making videos. Not only are they enjoyable but I’m actually learning and having a laugh while doing it.

As a busy business owner, wife and mother I generally don’t have time or energy to keep up with the latest and greatest beauty trends. My 40 something skin has left me needing to change up my regimens to address new needs and concerns about my maturing skin. I love Miss Teka’s knowledgeable and down to earth approach to being your best self at any season in life. Her tips for Beauty on a budget are of great importance to me . As closet beauty junkie being in the know about new products, tools and trends that are affordable makes me feel less guilty about spending money on my personal beauty routine and helps to keep me feeling proactive in my “self-care” routine. She is a great resource for the latest and greatest products and methods to help you enhance the natural Beauty inside all of us bad ass babes! She is a champion for women wanting to keep it real and will quickly become your new best friend! I guarantee she will quickly become a resource your skin can’t live without!

"LadyTee is AMAZING at giving clear, concise beauty advice for people of all skills, abilities, and ages. Since watching her videos and following her Instagram, I’ve learned a lot, especially about caring for your skin and adapting your makeup routines as seasons change, which was, truly, a game-changer for me. Most of all, LadyTee has made me want to embrace my authentic self and use my beauty routine as a way to show on the outside who I am on the inside!"


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