Find your 



Discover the foundation that makes you feel like THAT GIRL!

You know the girl I'm talking about. 

That girl that owns the room.

That girl that runs the cubicle.

That girl that brings everything she's got to the table.

That girl that speaks and is heard.

That girl that steals the show.

That girl that inspires by leading.

That girl that supports by following.


You know exactly what girl I'm talking about and you deserve a foundation that makes you say "YES I AM THAT GIRL!"

Because the perfect foundation changes the game, doesn't it?


The perfect foundation levels the playing field.

The perfect foundation creates the canvas.

The perfect foundation sets the scene.

The perfect foundation minimizes the unnecessary and spotlights the proud.

So yes, the perfect foundation has the power to make you own being


But finding the right foundation is harder than one might think it is, isn't it?

Finding the unicorn amongst the sea of brands, formulas, and price points

can be damn near impossible. 

But it IS possible. It's out there.

You just need a personal roadmap to help you find the way. A checklist created by YOU with YOUR list of dreams, in advance (BEFORE you make the next game-changing foundation purchase), that provides clarity and guidance. A funnel that weeds out all the noise (save that mental energy for good, like what type of bomb eyeshadow look you plan on killing em with today) and leaves you with a small, conquerable hill of products that you can easily get over to find your true love...aka THE PERFECT FOUNDATION!

This course is the rainbow and your perfect foundation formula is at the end of it...the pot of gold for the diva in all of us.

The FIND YOUR PERFECT FOUNDATION course has one goal and one goal provide you with the formula that equals a foundation that will work for you!

One worksheet to house all the goodness you discover about yourself and your foundation needs during the course.

Five modules to take you step by step through the process.

That's all you need to get to the promised land!

Are you ready to unleash



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